Soothing Fussy Babies: What You Need to Know About Swaddling Blankets

If you are a new parent, you probably already know the distress you feel when your baby cries despite being fed and changed into a fresh diaper. Swaddling is a practice that has been around for a long time and is often recommended by pediatricians today for soothing fussy babies. A swaddling blanket allows you to recreate the sense of security your baby felt in the womb and can be a big help to exhausted parents with a fussy baby.

An essential item for newborns

If there is one item new parents need along with the usual baby essentials like diapers and powder, it is a swaddling blanket. A swaddling blanket is constructed with arm flaps on each side to tuck a baby's arms in to keep them secure. The rest of the blanket is then wrapped around the baby in a secure fashion.

Swaddling blankets look great too and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Your baby is sure to look even cuter when tucked in a colorful swaddling blanket. Swaddling blankets can help your baby make the cutest fashion statement ever.

Prevents the startle reflex

The startle reflex is a normal reaction babies have when they are startled by their own movements or external noise. When your baby has a startle reaction, they will fling their arms out in a stiff manner that often results in crying. The startle reaction may occur when your baby sneezes, coughs, or is awakened by a loud noise and is a normal part of adapting to their new world outside the womb.

Swaddling blankets help a baby feel secure by keeping their arms tucked in snug against their body. The soft blankets also keep your baby warm and cozy. This makes it easier for your baby to sleep and helps to recreate the same sense of security they felt in the womb.

Can double as a breastfeeding cover, towel, or burp cloth

Having several swaddling blankets on hand means you will always have a comfortable breastfeeding cover with you when needed. Swaddling blankets also make great burp clothes for protecting your clothing when burping your baby. Their super soft fabric makes them a perfect towel for drying your baby's sensitive skin after bathing.

The transition from existing within the security of the womb to going through the birth process and into the world is a big change for newborn babies. For some babies, this may cause fussiness and make it difficult to sleep. A swaddling blanket can give your baby a sense of security by keeping the baby snug and cozy like the safety of their mother's womb. 

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