The Best Nautical Apparel For The Boat This Summer

When adding to your summer wardrobe, consider some pieces with nautical flair that work well on- and off- a boat. These are casual, comfortable apparel with style, that is also easy to wear and incorporate with other pieces that you may already have in your closet.

Here are some great garments that any "old salt" and mariner needs in their wardrobe while waiting to get out on the water.

Soft Brushed Tees

The foundation of your summer wardrobe should be some soft, brushed tee shirts. While white is always in style, pick up some quality tees in your favorite colors to add something fresh to your current closet. Look for natural fiber tees, like organic cotton and bamboo, which are among the softest fabrics found.

Linen Pants

If you have never worn or owned a pair of linen pants, you are truly missing out; the comfort of linen cannot be overemphasized. Linen is also easy to wash and quick to dry, making it perfect for those who like to swim and boat. Linen is a natural fiber and it does tend to wrinkle, but it looks great and feels luxurious wherever you wear it.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are ideal for when you are on the water, working, or whenever you may need pockets to hold your stuff. Cut a bit longer than conventional shorts, a pair of cargos in heavy cotton canvas is durable, rugged, and easy to launder. They pair well with anything from a tee shirt and flip-flops to a button-up, collared shirt and tie for a wide range of occasions.

Fleece Vests

A fleece vest is a superb option for throwing on when the wind picks up or when the temperature drops at night. These comfy, cozy vests make sense year-round, so it is a garment that you will wear again and again. From simple zip-front styles to vests with pockets and compartments, a fleece vest can be layered and worn daily on and off the water.

Merino Wool

The beauty of Merino wool is that it is breathable and natural, so it keeps you dry in both warm and cool conditions. Merino shirts and sweaters are perfect layering garments, and you will find this wool to be durable and resilient. Merino wool will last and last, making it a great clothing investment.

Whether you are a sailor or not, these are some great items to add to your summer wardrobe. These are comfortable pieces, many made with sustainability in mind. These suggestions will stay in style so you can wear and enjoy them for years to come.

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