How To Create The Perfect Company T-Shirts

Company t-shirts are a great way for you to get people excited about your company while also showing off your brand. If you have a big company party coming up or if you plan on having a booth at your local convention, then having company t-shirts is an ultimate must. But before you go out and slap your logo on just about anything and call it good, you should consider putting more thought into the design and style of the t-shirt so that it resonates with others more. 

Be Creative

Creativity goes a long way in the world of marketing, and t-shirts are no exception. Your t-shirts can essentially be a walking billboard, so you want to make sure that you work with a marketing team or strategist to create a creative solution. If you can, try to add humor into the mix because humor goes a long way; just make sure that it's not crude or offensive because that could get you into a lot of trouble. In addition to having a funny saying, ask your creative team to create some sort of visual to go along with it. 

Don't Forget Your Logo

Another thing you want to add to your t-shirts is your logo, even if you have to put it somewhere that's small like on the sleeve. A lot of times, people get so caught up in the creative aspect of the design that they forget about the marketing component, so make sure that it's clear that your t-shirt is a good representation of your brand as well. Then, when people read the funny or creative slogan, they will automatically associate it with your company. 

Choose a Good Fit

Although one style of t-shirt may be more affordable than another, it doesn't' mean that it is a good fit for the majority of people. Take your staff's body styles in mind before you have the t-shirts printed. For instance, if you have some individuals who have curvier body types, then you may want a t-shirt that's more forgiving and that has a stretchiness to it. The more flattering the shirt is, the more presentable everyone will look. 

If you want to create the perfect company t-shirt, then make sure to keep all of these things in mind; that way, you end up with a product that people will wear and that looks good on everyone as well.