5 Must-Have Wardrobe Pieces For The Cowgirl At Heart

Whether you are a girl from the city that wants a tone-downed look or you really do enjoy the cowgirl persona and style, it is not at all hard to build a wardrobe that fits your preferences for a country look. If you are in the middle of collecting items to pull off the cowgirl look, there are certain pieces you will want to add to your closet. 

Woven Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are most often relative to a country style, and these long-sleeved shirts pair well with a graphic tee. Pick up a few of these in either plaid or solid colors. The worn styles that have some manufacturer-created fading will really take your country-chic outfit to a more authentic level. 

Worn Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are most assuredly a must-have for any cowgirl or female with a preference for a country style. If you want a more authentic cowgirl look, it is best to pick up blue jeans that have a worn look. Ripped-up jeans are a common item, but even jeans with fading and slight fraying around the hems are a good choice. You can usually find either style at a Cowgirl Up apparel retailer, such as Cripple Creek

Terry Cotton Pullovers 

Hitting the trails in chilly weather means you're going to need something to keep your arms warm, and terry cotton pullovers serve that purpose well. These pullovers are made out of lightweight materials, so they're perfect for pulling over a tee when you need that extra layer in cooler weather. 

Tunic Dress

Every cowgirl is going to get off the trail at some point for a night out, and when she does, she is going to need a dress to wear. The cowgirl look is played-down and simple, so tunic dresses work well for the style. Something with a flowing skirt and tapered or v-neck is a good choice. Solid colors are a go-to option, but most tunic dresses in a country style will have some delicate embroidery around the hem or neck or some other small decorative element. 


Boots are a functional and stylish country apparel element, and there are some super-cute boots out there to complete your cowgirl outfit. Leather boots with either a low-cut or mid-calf height are common. The boots don't have to be anything all that flashy or heeled to look good with a pair of faded blue jeans or a tunic dress.