Signs You Need Your Wedding Dress Altered

As your wedding gets closer, you want to make sure your dress fits perfectly. Odds are your dress needed some adjustments to fit your body more appropriately, and you're nervous your dress doesn't fit you now. Here are signs your wedding dressed needs to be altered so you can make arrangements for further tweaking prior to your wedding date.

You've gained or lost weight

You have recently been under a lot of stress preparing for your wedding and your body has reacted as a result. You have either gained weight or lost weight based on how your body deals with stress. A few pounds fluctuating here and there is nothing to worry about; the average body will do this as water weight changes. However, if you've gained or lost enough weight that your clothes don't fit right or you see visible changes in your face or body shape, you need to talk to your dress alterations expert to see if your wedding dress needs to be taken in or let out.

You've added onto or taken away from your dress

Whether you've decided you want to add a sash to your dress or you want to take off the sleeves, any changes you make to your dress, including adding new pieces of material or buttons, gems, and other adornments, means your dress needs to be altered to meet the new design and shape. Never make alterations on your own or you risk accidentally pulling on or tearing your dress. All alterations must be made by a wedding dress alterations expert.

You've accidentally damaged your dress

Accidents happen, but when they happen to a wedding dress, the results can be disastrous. You may have torn your wedding dress while putting it in storage, stepped on your dress when trying it on, ripped off a few gems while putting the dress in the closet, or done something else to otherwise damage your dress. When your wedding dress gets damaged in any way, you cannot repair the damage on your own. In fact, you will likely make things worse if you try to mend or repair your dress on your own.

Call your dress expert right away if you need any alterations to your wedding dress. The right expert will get to your dress quickly and make repairs and alterations swiftly and expertly so you feel like a glorious bride on your big day. Your wedding dress should fit you like a dream so make sure your alterations are done before the big day.