Hydrocele – How Supportive Gear Can Alleviate The Discomfort Of Scrotal Swelling

Hydrocele does not cause sexual dysfunction or infertility. This condition occurs when fluid collects in the sheath surrounding your testicle. This causes swelling in your scrotum. It is usually not painful or harmful and may not require treatment.

However, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to rule out any other medical issues. Read on to find out how supportive gear can alleviate the discomfort of scrotal swelling.

When Your Condition Becomes Symptomatic

Hydroceles can affect men, boys and babies. With men, this condition tends to become symptomatic. They experience discomfort because the scrotum gets bigger and becomes heavy from the swelling. You may have problems with running, walking and sitting.

It becomes symptomatic because of the size. Overstraining is something that makes your scrotum fluctuate in size. For example, your scrotum may be smaller in the morning, but swells as your day progresses. As your scrotum gets bigger, you tend to feel it more.

To Have Surgery Or Not Have Surgery

Scrotal swelling does not always require surgery, but you have options. To alleviate discomfort, your doctor may suggest draining the fluid. This procedure does not require an incision or a hospital stay. It is done by inserting a needle into your scrotum to remove the fluid from the hydrocele. This procedure reduces the size to get you some relief.

A hydrocelectomy is another option when experiencing symptoms. It drains the fluid and removes the hydrocele sac. With surgery, this condition is less likely to come back.

Get Scrotal Swelling Support

Supportive gear is available to help with cushioning an enlarged scrotum. You can wear supportive gear with or without surgery. To alleviate discomfort from hydroceles, it may just take wearing the right underwear. The scrotal support brief is special underwear that comes with an adjustable pouch. The pouch isolates your manhood and provides it with support. It means not having to worry about your scrotum rubbing up against your thigh. This protective gear can reduce swelling and pain. You can contact companies like QNS Scrotal Support for more information.

It is important to avoid trauma with hydocele. You do not want to do anything that will make your condition worse. Trauma occurs from playing sports, infections and sexually transmitted disease. If you are going to play a sport, then wear a cup to protect your manhood. It is important to protect your body in these situations.

It is important to know when to seek medical attention. Your doctor can diagnosis the condition and help with finding an effective treatment.