Four Ways To Stand Out In The Jumper Ring

One of the great things about showing in the jumpers, rather than the hunters, is the increased flexibility of dress code. Jackets may be required in championship classes, but other than that, you're free to show up in a tidy polo, breeches, and tall boots. As a result, jumpers tend to have some fun with their outfits and tack. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make a memorable appearance, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Matching Bling on Your Helmet and Browband

The bling that has long been popular on the Western Pleasure circuit is now making its way into the jumper ring. A great way to take advantage of this style is to wear a helmet with bling on the brim, along with a browband with matching jewels. You can find browbands with bling in both conventional, straight styles and in dropped styles, depending what your horse prefers. Some manufacturers make helmets with bling shaped into your initials on the front, which just adds to the appeal.

Matching Borders On Your Saddle Pad and Polo

Go one step further than wearing the same color shirt and saddle pad; look for ones with the same color borders, too! A gray saddle pad with navy piping, for instance, looks nice with a gray polo with the same navy piping around the neckline and sleeves. You can take it one step further with matching splint boots or polo wraps.

A Signature Ear Bonnet

Ear bonnets have conventionally been worn by eventers and fox hunters since they keep flies out of the horse's ears while out in the field. There should not be quite as many flies in the jumper ring, but you can still wear an ear bonnet for fashion purposes! Look for one in the same color as your horse's boots and saddle pad, and have it monogrammed with your initials for good measure.

A Stunning Jacket and Boots

Even though a jacket is not really required, you could make a name for yourself as the competitor who always shows up in a jacket anyways! Don't just go with plain black or navy, either. Look for one in a stunning shade like hunter green or deep violet. And then look for unique field boots with the same color uppers. This creates a very professional look, yet one that stands out. It's a good choice if you're trying to make a name for yourself as a trainer.

To make a memorable appearance in the jumpers, look for show clothes that really stand out. Contact an equestrian supply company, such as Kastel Denmark, for options and ideas.