Three Fun Masks To Consider When You've Been Invited To A Masquerade Party

If a friend of yours is throwing a costume party, and it's not Halloween, then you are probably looking for a simple mask to wear. When you go to a masquerade-style party, be it a fancy one like out of classical Venetian society, with black tie dress, or a fun weekend get together at a co-workers place that is more casual, you need a mask. You are not going to want to show up as dressed as a witch, zombie, or vampire. A masquerade party has one essential element: a mask. Here are three different options to consider. One is very fun and perfect for a casual party, the other two are more of the classic-style masks that you might find at a fancy "ball"-style get-together.

Adult Lucha Libre

If you've ever see Mexican wrestling, then you know how theatrical it is. In Lucha Libre, the wrestlers (known as a luchador ) wear a mask over their heads. These masks have a very cool history, dating back to the Aztec culture's love of masks. The masks are a vital part of the culture. It is not uncommon for a luchador to never expose their face until they have retired. One famous luchador (Santo) only exposed his true face once, at the end of his life, and was even buried wearing his mask.

The masks are lightweight and stretchy, so you won't have to worry about hot latex like you find in horror-style Halloween masks. You can find lucha libre masks with the classic one-color designs, or you can find ones that have designs that hearken back to Aztec culture (suns, birds, geometric shapes).

Theatrical Masks: Comedy or Tragedy

If you're into theater, then a really cool mask to get would be one of the comedy or tragedy-style masks. These masks date back to ancient Greece. Most modern versions are streamlined, though some do have more features than others. However, they all follow one simple pattern: the comedy masks have big smiles, and the tragedy masks have big frowns. They don't cover your whole head, but instead are slipped on and held with a string tie behind your head. One of the cool things about these masks is that when you are done wearing them, you can hang them up as decoration. If you're bringing your girlfriend of boyfriend, then you could both wear a design (one comedy, one tragedy).

Mardi Gras Mask

If you are going to a fancy masquerade ball, then you might like to get a half-face design such as the ones you see in Mardi Gras. They can be feathered, sparkly, or otherwise elaborately decorated. They are always colorful and impressive. Some of them can be worn with a tied string behind your face, but there are also masks that you hold up on a small stick in front of your face.