4 Ways to Stay Efficient at the Laundromat

Doing your laundry at the laundromat can feel like a hectic experience. With piles of clothes in whatever washers and dryers you can find available, you can spend several hours at the laundromat just to accomplish a few loads of clean laundry. If you want to get in and out sooner with a more successful experience, follow these tips for staying organized at the laundromat.

Go at the right time

Laundromats are busiest on weekends and during the middle of the day, so try to wash your clothing during the early morning or later evening hours to avoid as much human traffic (and competition for folding tables and machinery) as possible. A lot of your disorganization simply stems from having to wash your clothes in machines that aren't close together or having to forgo folding your belongings because there isn't room to do so due to busy laundromat hours.

Pick a larger laundromat

If you have more than one laundromat in your area, choose the one that has the largest amount of space. This helps you maneuver your way around your surroundings and lets you carry in multiple baskets without getting in the way of other patrons. You can stay way more organized when you have space to place your baskets and laundry supplies while you sort your laundry.

Color code your clothing

If you hang your clothing up at home, then place your clothes on hangers at the laundromat for easier carrying and transport when you place them in the baskets. Color code your clothing according to wear: work, casual, athletic, date night, etc by using a hanger with a different hue for each style of clothing. This way, you can easily put your clothing away when you get home and will find it easier to sort your laundry while still at the laundromat.

Don't wash everything at once

It may sound like better use of your time to just go to the laundromat once a week or so and take all your clothing in at once, but this can just add to your stress. lengthen your day at the facility, and overwhelm you so much you can't do anything other than ball everything up and shove it in your car in the end. Part of remaining organized is allowing yourself the time and patience to complete your projects. Consider spacing out your laundromat visits into 2 or more a week, and you may find that you are actually at the laundromat for less time per visit than you'd think.

Going to the laundromat may be a necessity, but you can learn to enjoy the experience. With organization tips to keep you on track, you can get the most out of every trip to the facility. For more tips, contact companies like South Street Laundromat.