Current Trends In Girls Boutique Clothing

Girls boutique clothing is unique merchandise that reflects the current trends in contemporary fashion. The main characteristic of girls boutique clothing is that it has quality construction and finishing. Girls boutique clothing is also versatile and can be used in combination with other clothes to create an unlimited variety of stylish looks. If you have a young girl in your life, you can find some of the following contemporary fashion trends at clothing boutiques for girls: 

Mixed Prints and Solids - Young girls boutique clothing often mixes prints and solids together such as florals, stripes, checks, plaids, and other prints. These mixed prints and solids are combined in horizontal layers and vertical panels on dresses, skirts, and shirts. Many mixed prints and solids are also attached as ruffles. 

Metallics - Another trend in girls boutique clothing is the use of metallic thread in fabrics. Sequins and embroidered metal beads are also used as embellishments. Metal buttons are sewn in decorative lines and designs on girls boutique fashions to add sparkle and flash.    

Uneven Hemlines - Jagged uneven hemlines are trending in current contemporary fashion as well as girls boutique clothing. This is most often used on shirts and tunics that end at waist length in the front and at mid-calf length in the back. This is a very feminine look that creates movement and flow when worn by active young girls. 

Staggered Sleeve Lengths - Staggered sleeve lengths is another feature of girls boutique clothing. Long-sleeved shirts and blouses can be worn underneath short-sleeved t-shirts and vests to combine colors and emphasize layering. 

Colors - Here are some of the most prominent colors in use for Fall 2016 in girls boutique clothing:

  • Yellow and Pink - Any combination of these two colors gives a soft updated look to an outfit.
  • Midnight Blue - You can combine this color with multi-colored prints for a homespun peasant look.  
  • Gray - Use a soft medium gray next to bright colors to emphasize layering.   
  • Crimson Red - This powerful color can be used effectively with blues and greens to create a special occasion outfit. 
  • Olive Green - Use this color in combination with pale colors to create a casual look for everyday wear. 
  • Ivory - To unify many different colors and pieces together, layer ivory on top of other colors of clothing. 

Styles - In addition to dresses, skirts, shirts, and blouses, you can find jumpers, quilted jackets, hoodies, short capes, and coats in girls boutique clothing. These fashions are made in many different fabrics including velvet and brushed cotton.

If you want to dress the young girl in your life in a very updated and contemporary style, try shopping at a small neighborhood clothing boutique. A few pieces from a girls clothing boutique can be mixed with jeans, t-shirts, leggings, and tights to create a variety of looks and outfits. You will find that the young girl in your life will love these additions to her wardrobe and wear them for many seasons.