Things To Find Out Before You Visit A Women's Boutique To Buy Your Wife Clothing

No one will blame you for giving your wife a gift card to her favorite women's boutique on special occasions, but if you want to do something a little more special, consider actually buying some clothing for her. Doing so might seem a little intimidating, but as long as you find out a number of key details in advance and make sure to get the help of one of the boutique's staff members, you should be able to buy items that you know your wife will love — and that will fit her. Beyond checking her closet for her clothing sizes, here are some other things to determine.

Whether She Has Long Legs Or A Long Torso

You might know your wife's height and weight, but this information doesn't indicate whether she has a long torso and short legs or a short torso and long legs. Taking a look at her and assessing this information, as well as finding a photo and taking it to the boutique to show the sales rep, can be helpful. For example, if your wife tends to have a shorter torso, she may favor shirts that hug her body more tightly, as looser garments could make her upper body feel wide and boxy.

Whether She Favors Low-Rise Or High-Rise Pants

If you're hoping to buy pants for your wife, you'll need more than her pant size. Try to notice whether she favors low-rise pants or high-rise pants; the waistline of the former style sits fairly low on the hips, typically below the navel. By contrast, the latter style is worn higher, with the waistline at or above the navel. Many women favor one of these styles for look, comfort, and how it suits their body, so you'll want to be confident that you know which style your wife wears before you visit the women's boutique.

Whether She Has Wide Or Narrow Shoulders

Try to think what you've heard your wife say about her shirts during past shopping trips. Some women have wider shoulders, which means that they might favor certain styles of tops. For example, a woman with wider shoulders is unlikely to want a shirt with shoulder pads, while a woman who has narrow shoulders may desire this feature. Likewise, a woman who has wider shoulders might want a shirt that isn't form fitting, as this could create somewhat of a triangle shape — wider on the top and narrower on the bottom — that accentuates her shoulders.

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