Three Pairs Of Jeans That Will Fulfill All Of Your Vacation Needs

If you are a fan of denim jeans and you are a fan of vacation, it will please you to know that the two belong together. If you are planning a vacation, you may be interested in packing light, so that you do not have to pay for a suitcase and you can easily carry your luggage. Here are the only three pairs of pants that you will need to take on a week long vacation in order to pack light but fashionable. 

Boot cut jeans

When you are flying out or back in for your vacation, you want to make sure that you have jeans that are free. Wear a pair of boot cut jeans on the plane or in the car. Since the leg is wide, this will give you a little more freedom to move around. You can also easily roll up boot cut jeans if you get a little hot. The boot cut is perfect with flip flops during the summer and allows for thick boots during the winter, so they work well with any footwear choice. These can be recycled and worn on the trip to and from your vacation destination. 

Light, baggy jeans

It is not uncommon to feel a little bloated when you are eating out on vacation. You may also have days where the top button has a hard time buttoning after rich foods. For this reason, you want to carry some light colored baggy jeans with you on vacation. The light wash denim jeans can be purchased larger than your normal size but should still flatter your casual vacation outfits. These will work towards the end of vacation after you have been having excellent dinners and taste testing. 

Black, stretch skinny jeans

There is no pair of clothing that is more versatile than black skinny jeans. Whether you want to pair these with a loose shirt, a crop top, or a white button down, this will fit in with your design plans. If you want the perfect pair of jeans that will fit with a number of shirts, black skinny jeans will fulfill this role. Make sure that the jeans have plenty of stretch, so that you can move around easily to see all of the sites. If you do drop anything on these jeans, they will be easy to spot clean and hang dry in even the smallest hotel room.