Four Accessories That Plus Size Women Need For Winter Workouts

Working out during the winter can get you in shape for when you want to wear more revealing or tighter clothes. If you need to prepare a winter workout plan, you should start with your clothing. Working out during the winter, whether outside or at a gym, will require a little more insulation than working out when it is warm. Luckily, there are ways to pare down your closet so that you only need a few items. Here are four accessory pieces that you will need for winter workouts. 

Zip front bra

Since you will be wearing more layers, you want to make it quick and easy to put on all of your clothing. If you have large breasts or a wide chest frame, a zip front bra can be much easier to put on than an ordinary sports bra. With a zip front bra, you will be able to place your arms through the holes and bring the breast portion to the front to zip. 

Fleece jacket with zipper

No matter what type of shirt or tank top you wear when exercising, you can throw a fleece jacket over the shirt before you head out to work out. Fleece is easily movable, unlike some jacket fabrics, so you can wear it during workouts without restricting your arms. Be sure to get a fleece jacket with a zipper, so that you can let in air as necessary. You will still get hot during winter workouts, so you want to be able to receive proper airflow, while not allowing your upper body to become overly cold. 

Suede pull on boots

Depending on the type of workouts that you perform, your shoes may not have proper traction at the bottom. As a part of your sports apparel, you should own a pair of suede pull on boots. These boots should have a thick rubber sole that will make it easy to walk in ice or snow. Even if you have large ankles and calves, these shoes are soft and comfortable to wear. 

Spandex thigh guard

One of the hardest parts of working out while you are plus size is dealing with the thighs rubbing together. This can cause thigh irritation and it can sometimes even destroy the interiors of pants. Before you put on your workout sweats, put on a spandex thigh guard. These will look similar to a thicker garter and will cover the area on each thigh that rubs together. This can keep your thighs feeling comfortable and pants intact. 

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