Shopping For Plus-Size Swimwear: Important Dos And Don'ts For Women

Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, and for many women, this means venturing out to find a few cute bathing suits to sport this summer. Unfortunately, and for numerous reasons, not all women enjoy swimsuit shopping. For plus-size women, finding a cute suit can be especially challenging. If you fall into the plus-size swimwear category and are dreading swimsuit shopping, there are some great guidelines to keep in mind that'll help you find the perfect suit in no time.

DO Know Your Body Type

Start by knowing your body type. Not all plus-size women are the same shape, after all. For example, some women are more pear-shaped, which means that they carry more of their weight on the bottom half of the body (such as in the hips and thighs). On the other hand, some women are larger-busted, and others yet have an hourglass shape, which means they have a smaller waist but a larger bust and hips.

By knowing your shape, you can get a better idea of which styles of suits are most flattering and comfortable.

DON'T Shy Away From Bikinis!

All too often, women fall into the stigma that because they're plus-sized, they shouldn't wear a bikini. In reality, you can wear whatever you want, and there are plenty of apparel companies out there that make bikinis in plus sizes for that exact reason. At the very least, consider trying on a bikini to see how you feel. If you're self-conscious about your mid-section, try a high-waisted bikini for added coverage. You just might fall in love with it!

DO Consider Buying Separate Tops and Bottoms

A lot of times, plus-sized women get frustrated shopping for bathing suits because they have a hard time finding suits that fit properly--especially with two piece suits. For example, a pear-shaped woman may find that the top fits fine, but the bottoms are too small. This is where it can be helpful to shop for mix-and-match swim suits where you can buy the tops and bottoms separately to ensure the proper fit.

DON'T Be Discouraged By Size Disparities 

Finally, keep in mind that different apparel companies will have sizing disparities. For example, while a size 16 might fit you perfectly in one brand of swimwear, the same size in a different brand may be way too big. Keep this in mind as you shop and be especially mindful of this if you decide to shop for swimwear online.