How To Plan A Great Father's Day For Your Husband Who Loves Motocross

Some women complain because their husbands spend too much time in front of the television set or playing computer games. If your husband is a lover of motocross, just be glad he's spending time in the outdoors and be glad he's getting exercise! If you are already planning a great Father's Day for your husband who loves to motocross, here are some ideas.

Start Breakfast In A Big Way - If your husband loves motocross, play up the fact that's he's a manly man. As he's about to wake up, have a great song ready to play that will celebrate his masculinity. Macho Man would be a fun choice and King of the Road would play on his love for riding. Of course, serve up a macho-man type breakfast with things like huevos rancheros, big potato fries, steak, and a huge glass of his favorite juice.

Present A Gift That Will Be Used- If your husband already has all of the protective accessories he needs or wants for motocrossing, focus on buying him motocross apparel. Think of what he would need for layering in preparation for cool mornings and evenings and warm days. For example, buy a T-shirt and a button-down shirt that complements it. Next add a windbreaker or a parka. Whether you buy the windbreaker or the parka, one with a hood would be great for not only the elements but protecting him on particularly dirty courses. And, even if he has gloves, a second pair would probably be welcome. Buy exactly the kind he already has so that, if he loses one glove, he'll automatically have a matching one waiting. If you are feeling generous, also buy boots that are great for rough terrain. You can even make your selections online. Be sure to save all receipts, just in case you have to return or exchange something. Talk with a professional, like Justified - Threads & Lifestyle, for more information.

Finish The Day Off Right - Get together with some other couples whose lives also include motocross adventures. Whether you go out for pizza, steaks, or ice cream sundaes, it will just be fun for your husband to get to show off his new motocross clothes. After you leave your friends, finish the day by watching a fun motocross movie together. Man and Machine, Relish, or Terrafirma are all among good choices. Watching a motocross movie with your man will definitely be the frosting on the cake for him.

Be sure to take a picture of your husband in all of his new clothes and send it to his mother. She'll love it!