3 Investment Purchases To Make Fresh Out Of College

College graduation is a major turning point in many people's lives, and it becomes a point at which you can say that adolescence ends and you become an adult. This also makes it a perfect time to make smaller investments in your future to ensure that you can head into the workforce with a can-do attitude and the tools to succeed in all facets of working life. In order to help you hit the ground running, here are three big purchases to make right after you get out of college. 

A New Car

If there's ever a time when buying a brand new car makes the most sense, it's right out of college. For one thing, getting a new car will free you from (or at least significantly cut down on) repair costs and wait times with the great warranty that accompanies so many new cars. In addition, recent college grads often get special cash-back discounts on new cars, which adds up to some savings you definitely don't want to miss out on. 

A Handmade/Bespoke Dress Shirt

Especially if you have an office job, chances are you're going to spend at least 40 hours per week in a dress shirt, so it makes sense to go with a high-quality shirt that will serve you well for years. Even if you don't need to wear a dress shirt at your new job, this investment is often considered a worthy one due to the infrequent, high-stakes instances where you do have to wear one, like a job interview or a business meeting. Bespoke shirting means that the shirt is custom-made from your own measurements, so it'll fit you perfectly, and you can't beat handmade quality whether you're getting a made-to-measure shirt or not. You can order a handmade shirt from many specialty clothiers.

A High-Quality Work Bag

Just about every educated profession requires you to haul around a laptop and untold amounts of papers, pens, and miscellaneous objects needed to get the job done.  Starting off on the right foot in this category helps you look prepared and put together at your first full-time job. Many manufacturers of high-quality bags (especially leather bags) will offer a guarantee that covers your bag for years or even decades. That said, if you want to pick out a real investment piece, shop for something that's timeless and understated so you don't end up only getting 3 or 4 years out of a bag that's guaranteed for much, much longer.